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KOER is a brand dedicated to the development and the production of the next generation of hardware and software solutions for HVAC and building automation systems.

Today’s HVAC and building automation systems were mainly designed twenty or thirty years ago. They are unchanged, even though the market needs are different from the time when they were designed. With poor user experience, a lack of useful features and incompatibility with new technologies, these products are just not enough for modern and sophisticated users.

That’s why KOER products are based on new ideas and technologies which are more than enough to keep up with the global trends and user demands.

Our solutions are based on 40 years of experience of Klimaoprema and our partners with whom we cooperate on a daily basis, covering all aspects of business; from planning, designing, production, sales, installing to maintaining. These insights into the real needs of our business partners and challenges they face, help us develop more focused products and solutions.

Our vision is to develop and produce quality products for building automation which will have a positive impact on user environment, their quality of life, health and safety. Our mission is to become a globally recognized and trusted brand responsible for a better tomorrow.



Klimaoprema is a European producer of equipment for ventilation, air conditioning and clean spaces with a 40-year manufacturing experience.

Through activities of research and development, design and production, Klimaoprema has grown into a modern organized manufacturing company with top-level engineers, a good-quality and modern CNC machine pool, numerous specialized devices and a testing laboratory.

Our long-term policy of quality management in all our business segments has been confirmed by the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.


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